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Have you ever wanted a mobile game with the battle royale genre but with the layout and MMORPG system in it? Maybe that desire will soon come true. In The Swordsman X game developed by Dream Game Studio, players can experience a combination of the two genres in one mobile game.

The Swordsman X presents the same battles as other battle royale games, there are 100 players who start plunging from an airplane to an island. After the player lands, the MMORPG game layout will appear with characters designed like MMORPG characters.

Weapons in the game are not firearms like M4A1 or AK-47, but weapons that we usually find in MMORPG games such as swords, spears, arrows and knives. The battles in this game are also very different from the battle royale mobile games in general, because the battles will occur at close range.

Fajaryusuf.com The Swordsman X

The animation in this mobile game is also very similar to what MMORPG games have, especially when players fight using their bare hands. The goal of this mobile game is the same as the battle royale, which is to be the strongest and survive until the end.

It’s not just the character designs and weapons, the locations here are taken directly from the mountains of Asia. For those of you who have played the Ghost of Tsushima game, you will feel the vibes of the game, because of the similarities between these two games.

The game developed by Dream Game Studio has indeed been announced since the middle of 2020, and in early February, it just opened the BETA period. Now, you can try the beta version of this game, but only Android devices, IOS will follow later.

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