The Thousand Noble Musketeers Rhodoknight release date november 24

The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight (JP) will be release on November 24th

The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight has finally announced a release date for Googleplay Japan, this RPG game will be releasing on November 24, 2021. Pre-registration remains open which offers various prizes, including Gacha Currency, Supplies Items, and Cute Dolls of the Characters.

With the release of The Thousand Noble Musketeers: Rhodoknight, this marks a new beginning for the game series, allowing players to collect a wide variety of antique firearms. This game is actually intended for female players because there are many male characters in this game, and also this game has Anime.

The Thousand Noble Musketeers Rhodoknight release date november 24

One of the closest comparisons to this game genre is Touken Ranbu, where the protagonist can collect and train with a wide variety of historical Japanese swords. This one has been quite successful, and spread its wings to multimedia including anime and live action adaptations and will soon become a spin-off console game.

We will see if the latest version of the Rhodoknight game will be able to attract more world players’ attention or not.

Pre-registration: Googleplay or Appstore



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