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Tokyo Game Show 2019 Will Presence Game Genshin Impact

In early August last month, Mihoyo & Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai ( SIESH ) announced the presence of the game Genshin Impact for PlayStation devices.Besides giving the announcement at the 2019 ChinaJoy event, Mihoyo also gave visitors the opportunity to try the game Genshin Impact.Mihoyo seems to not only stop at event ChinaJoy 2019. After the event, Genshin Impact will again be exhibited at the event Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2019.Like in ChinaJoy 2019, visitors to TGS 2019 will be given the opportunity to try the game.Genshin Impact will be the first product made by Chinese developers on display at the PlayStation TGS booth.This game will present an open world style of play with several unique aspects, including teams with various characters, complex interactions between elements, changing game modes between single player and multiplayer, as well as graphic quality and eye-pleasing art styles.
Genshin impact gameplay
At the PlayStation TGS booth, visitors can try adventure in the fantasy world of Teyvat in the demo version of Genshin Impact.You can also try to complete various challenges and missions with characters with unique backgrounds, traits, and strengths.
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