Tom and Jerry: Chase Has Been Released! Let’s Download Now!

NetEase Games has officially released their latest mobile game, Tom and Jerry: Chase English version, for players in the Southeast Asia (SEA) region. Players located in Southeast Asia can now download this mobile game from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Tom and Jerry: Chase is a mobile game genre Asymmetric 1vs4 which has a gameplay concept is similar to the Dead by Daylight or Identity V. Unlike most mobile games of the same genre, players will play the mobile game with 2D platform graphics. Tom and Jerry Chase a

At the beginning of the game, players can choose to play as Tom’s team or Jerry’s team. As the solo hunter (Tom), the player’s job is to catch at least 3 out of 4 mice to win the game. And if the player chooses to be a member of Jerry’s team, the player must collect all the cheese while avoiding the traps set by Tom’s team.

There are so many characters that players can unlock and play. Each character has their own unique skills, so players must choose one of the characters that suits their playing style or completes a team that is lacking.

Publisher: NetEase Games

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore

Tom and Jerry: Chase Gameplay EN


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