Tom and Jerry Chase cbt 2nd

Tom and Jerry Chase Open Second CBT for Indonesia and Malaysia

Tom and Jerry is a very popular cartoon series for children born in the 90s, recently this cartoon is rumored to be getting a mobile game adaptation. Developed by Identity V developer, NetEase is also preparing for the release of the Tom and Jerry Chase game, this mobile game opens a second CBT event for Indonesian and Malaysian players.

Tom and Jerry Chase is an Asymmetrical 1v4 mobile game. Player can play as Tom or Jerry. Jerry is tasked with stealing 5 pieces of cheese that are scattered on the map, while Tom is tasked with preventing Jerry from wanting to steal cheese.

Tom and Jerry Chase

There are various skills possessed by each character. Tom has clonning skills, perfume that will kill enemies, and many more, while Jerry has the skill to interfere with Tom who is chasing Jerry.

Gameplay in this mobile game similar to the Dead by Daylight and Identity V. Yep, for those of you who are interested in this game, the second CBT Tom and Jerry Chase will be present on June 11th until June 24th.

Publisher: NetEase

Source: Official Facebook Tom and Jerry Chase

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