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Torchlight Infinite A Cool ARPG Game That Will Soon Be Released In Asia

This mobile game was first announced at the ChinaJoy 2019 event last year, it turns out that one of the Chinese developers is developing a new mobile game from the popular ARPG series such as Diablo, namely Torchlight: Infinite. The cool thing is, the mobile game developer is the very popular Ragnarok M: Eternal Love developer.

Yep, this Mobile ARPG game is the result of a collaboration between XD and Perfect World, which is the owner of the IP of Torchlight games. This mobile game is planned not to have a class system like the previous games, but will use a character based system, which means that each character has its own skills, which are similar to MOBA games.

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There are only 3 characters that can be used in the game which have been confirmed via video. However, the developer said that they would increase the number of playable characters along with a variety of unique and interesting skills, of course. Yep, this mobile game is still under development, but the game developer promises Torchlight Infinite will be released in Asia soon.

Torchlight Infinite will be released for free to play which uses a variety of cosmetic elements that can be purchased by players to improve their skills and abilities. Players who are interested in this mobile game can see a little trailer and demo version of Torchlight infinite in the video below.

Source: YouTube MMOCulture

Torchlight: Infinite (CN) - ChinaJoy 2020 game trailer + demo gameplay
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