Touhou Lostword Global Version Officially Released, Download Now!

Good Smile Company has officially announced the release of their latest mobile RPG turn-based game, Touhou Lostword global version. Players who are interested in this mobile game can now download it from the local AppStore or GooglePlay.

Touhou LostWord is a collection-hero genre mobile game whose characters are anime or waifu women, this game has a turn-based RPG gameplay adapted based on a shooting game called Project Touhou.

Touhou Lostword global version version

Players can form team parties of up to 6 characters and fight enemies with simple command-based battles. Since this RPG game originates from a bullet-hell game, players will likely witness and see various striking skills that will fill the cellphone screen with all kinds of various effects when attacking enemies.

This game is perfect for those of you who like games with relaxed gameplay, and also want to try to collect all the characters available in the game.

And if you are a player who likes RPG genre games and likes waifu characters, it looks like this game is suitable for you to try to play, so immediately download the link below.

Publisher: Good Smile Company

Download click HERE


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