Tower of God M: The Great Journey is coming soon

Many players are enjoying season 1 of the Tower of God Anime which has recently aired, this Naver Webtoon Comic has more than 4 billion views! The popular Korean mobile game developer and publisher, NGELGAMES, has today started a pre-registration campaign for their newest game, Tower of God M: The Great Journey, a game adapted based on the Webtoon.

According to the official description, Tower of God M: The Great Journey is a “beautiful retelling of the original story with high-quality artwork and animation”.

Tower of God M The Great Journey

Although there is still no in-game gameplay footage, this game was announced as a 2D Action-RPG game, which you can see at a glance in the announced promotional image.

Looks like players have to form a team of 5 characters. The published images also remind us of the Counter:Side game in terms of Artstyle and 2D animation. So let’s wait for more info about this game, because Tower of God M: The Great Journey will be coming to the G-Star 2021 event this week!

Tower of God M Official teaser trailer


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