Tower of God Mobile is currently being developed by NGEL Games

Webtoon comics are increasingly popular and are currently competing with the Japanese manga industry with a variety of quality works, now there are a lot of successful Webtoon comic titles getting a bigger expansion. One of the comic series is Tower of God, which just got an anime adaptation in the spring of 2020. It doesn’t stop there, this series will also get an adaptation into a mobile game.

Based on information that was successfully quoted from MMO Culture, they found that the NGEL Games developer is currently developing an adapted game based on Tower of God. NGEL Games previously created a similar Webtoon adaptation game project entitled Hero Cantare, and the game ended up receiving a positive reception by fans. Seeing how Tower of God has enormous popularity and fanbase, this latest mobile game project must be admittedly quite promising. Tower of God Mobile game ngel

The information that gets is still minimal apart from the fact that the Tower of God mobile game will be an RPG genre . Seeing how NGEL Games is currently still focusing on other mobile game projects such as the Webtoon adaptation Wind Breaker and Project Arena, it seems like it will take quite a while before they are ready to announce the next update.

For players who don’t know Tower of God, this is S.I.U‘s Webtoon comic series which has been published since 2010. Due to its increasing popularity and solid fanbase, this comic series was eventually adapted into an anime by Telecom Animation Film in collaboration with Crunchyroll. This comic series tells the story of the adventures of Twenty-Fifth (21) Baam in the search for his childhood friend who disappeared after entering the mysterious Tower.

Source: MMO Culture


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