New Turn Based RPG Mobile Game Tales of Crestoria, Here is the Trailer!

Bandai Namco seems to be very serious about making epic mobile games, you can see the gameplay trailer for the game Tales of Crestoria which will be released by Bandai at the end of this article.

Based on the trailer, you can see that this is a mobile game that has a Turn Based RPG genre. A striking and unique skill for each different character.

Tales of Crestoria gameplay
Tales of Crestoria game

Only based on the trailer below, FajarYusuf.Com is already very fond of this game and FajarYusuf.Com believes this game will be the best turn based game than all other turn based games available on mobile today (as long as Bandai Namco is not greedy and includes pay to win in this game).

This game is scheduled to be released in Japan and Global in 2019, so FajarYusuf.Com really hopes that this game release will be on time, because this game will definitely be the best turn based game in 2019!

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【テイルズ オブ クレストリア】バトルの流れ

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