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Ulala Idle Adventure: Dino MMORPG, Let’s Pre Register!

In the development stage of human history. The Stone Age or the Dinosaur Age is the beginning of the process of living and exploring the Earth.

Based on the period of development of this Earth, an MMORPG game has been released for gamers who like this type of casual game. Yep, Ulala: Idle Adventure the new MMORPG game will be here, players will find interesting prehistoric life.

Ulala: Idle Adventure will bring players into prehistoric contexts with vast undiscovered land. From mysterious deserts to cold land beside dangerous volcanoes.

ulala idle adventure

In the game, the player will become a hunter. Partner players are dinosaurus including Tyrannosaurus Rex. You will start a new hunting season and will be assigned to compete with many players from all over the world to become a top ranking hunter.

Ulala idle adventure gameplay
Ulala idle adventure gameplay

With a variety of interesting features, this game will give you a lot of tasks to complete. In addition, the developer XD Global also set up a simple control system and also does not need to do a lot of complicated control operations.

Participating in the hunting season, characters and pets in the game can fight automatically. Therefore, players do not need to be confused in controlling it.

Then the players also have the task of monitoring to improve the characters used. And also, interestingly in this one game, each character will be designed with a special class system.

class ulala idle adventure

Yep, if you are interested in trying it out, Ulala: Idle Adventure is now in the phase pre-registration.

So, pre-registration immediately through the Google Play Store!

Play Store: Ulala: Idle Adventure

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