undecember kr released download now

Undecember (KR) has now been released! Download now

The new Action RPG game from Line GamesUndecember (KR), has now officially been released for players in South Korea. This game was developed by Needs Games and can be played on Android and iOS devices.

Undecember is set in the fantasy world, Traum, created by 12 gods who rose from the void. At first, Traum was a peaceful world with the descendants of the gods living happily in it. But all that changed with the rise of the 13th god, Serpens.

Serpens is an evil god who plans to destroy Traum and everything that the gods have created and protected. Players will go on an adventure to stop the rise of the evil god Serpens and fight various monsters.

undecember kr released download now

In terms of gameplay, this game gives players the freedom to choose a playing style that can be adjusted at will. In this game, there is no Class/Job system so players can determine their own weapons and attack combos.

In the Undecember ingame, players can determine how to play using various types of equipment and various combinations of rune skills. This freedom will certainly make players more flexible to play and can change the Playstyle depending on the situation in it.


Currently, Undecember is only released in the South Korean (KR) region, for the global version, please pre-register at THIS LINK.

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