VALORANT Mobile is Different from PC Version and Not Cross-Platform

Not long ago players received surprising information about the VALORANT Mobile project, now we have more information. Information this time is related to the features in this mobile game, VALORANT Mobile will not have cross-platform features with VALORANT PC.

This information was provided directly by Riot Games when they announced this FPS Mobile Game project. At the beginning of the announcement, they wanted to inform that Mobile Game will not have cross-platform features. With this confirmation, VALORANT PC players don’t have to worry about this project anymore.

Anna Donlon as producer of VALORANT said that with this limitation, both games will feel fair. Not only that, this platform restriction is implemented so that the two communities are even and feel the same.

Valorant mobile

In terms of gameplay, it is quite impossible for these two types of games to be united. Players who use the keyboard and players who use the touch screen will certainly give a different feel. With these platform differences, we can’t judge which one is better, but it still feels unfair.

So far, Riot Games has only talked about cross-platform features and has not provided a more detailed explanation. Anna gave an initial explanation and future plans for VALORANT Mobile, Riot is not sure to be able to provide more detailed information related to gameplay.

It is most likely that players hope that VALORANT Mobile will start the beta test phase at the end of 2021, and possibly be officially released in early 2022. Let’s just wait for more information regarding this VALORANT Mobile.

Source: Play Valorant


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