War for the Seas ios appstore pre register

War for the Seas starts pre-registration campaign on iOS

After the successful release on Android last year, the pirate Openworld Adventure game from NetEase entitled War for the Seas is now officially coming to iOS. Currently, pre-registration has started on the Appstore and the game will officially release on February 14th. Players can fulfill their dreams of becoming pirates and take the Jolly Ranger sailing to America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, players can find treasures, and get rich in every exploration.

In War for the Seas, the player takes on the role of a sailor who aims to explore mysterious lands in search of treasure, form a crew, participate in pirate battles, create an empire, hunt, etc. Using the in-game map, pirates could map their path to various ports and embark on a quest for treasure.

War for the Seas ios appstore pre register

Players must build a fleet of ships that will be used in Realtime Online Battles, players must avoid enemy fire while also counterattacking with cannon balls and attacking other players’ ships. With more than 100 ports available to visit, players can become the best pirate in the seven seas. Players can also trade and invest in their favorite ports which can eventually create huge wealth.

A pirate with a sense of combat and exploration can travel around the world in search of treasure while battling. War for the Seas features various iconic locations such as the Egyptian Pyramids and Stonehenge in 3D, which players can explore. The game is set in the Golden Age of Pirates, the story where Anne Bonny and Blackbeard cross the ocean. The fate of the country depended on this ship and players would get involved to carve their own destiny with it.

Pre-registration: Appstore

Download: Googleplay


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