Warhammer: Odyssey Officially Released Today Globally

Today the mobile MMORPG game from Virtual Realms, entitled Warhammer: Odyssey, has just been released globally. After opening the open beta phase in various regions from around the world, now this mobile game can be played by all players.

This mobile game is an MMO genre and adapts the world of Warhammer, which pampers players to adventure in a classic open-world style. In this mobile game, players will find various locations including Marienberg, Darkwald Forest and other famous locations.

Certainly as an MMORPG game, players can play and adventure with other players in this game. There are many regiments that players can choose as the main step of playing this game, and when it starts to explore the world of Warhammer and hunt monsters.

Fajaryusuf.com Warhammer: Odyssey

In terms of character creation, Warhammer: Odyssey provides 3 races and 6 classes that players can choose from. These three races are human, elf and dwarf, then the player class can choose as a witch hunter, archmage, slayer, engineer, shadow warrior and warrior priest.

There are 12 specializations and dynamic skills that players can master so that the character’s gameplay matches what the player wants. Players can also become Shadow Warriors and fight on the front lines of battle, or as Warrior Priests who provide support from the back row.

Warhammer: Odyssey has now been released globally, keep in mind that this game is currently in global soft launch so it may still have some bugs. If players are interested in playing this game, they can try it on the following link, CLICK HERE.


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