World Of Dragon Nest Will Open Closed Beta Test!

World Of Dragon Nest Will Open Closed Beta Test! world of dragon nest

Does anyone not know PC version of Dragon Nest? The original PC developer version, Eyedentity Games, is currently making a mobile game open world MMORPG entitled World of Dragon Nest .

This game, which will be released by Nexon, will hold a closed beta test (CBT). CBT World Of Dragon Nest will be held on 1-7 August 2019.

The Closed Beta Test of World of Dragon Nest will be available in five countries in Southeast Asia , including Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand.

CBT is held with the aim of testing server stability and various content. Later, players will give feedback on what they experience at CBT. Therefore, what you see in CBT is not necessarily the same as the release version later.

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Data and advice from players will be used to improve the game at the upcoming final release. Registration is open only for 30,000 accounts, so register now to have the chance to play World Of Dragon Nest!

Eyedentity Games provides opportunities for 30,000 accounts from all the countries mentioned above. If you are interested in trying CBT, you can register from now until July 30, 2019.

CBT will take place on 1-7 August 2019. Then on 6 and 7 August 2019, Eyedentity Games will open a PvP and Cash Shop system .

world of dragon nest cbt closed beta test

If you want to take part in CBT World Of Dragon Nest:

  1. Open the registration page and register.
  2. Download the game on the official website of Nexon on 1 August 2019.
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If you successfully try CBT, all your data in this phase will be reset after CBT ends.

For those of you who are interested in joining CBT World of Dragon Nest, immediately register yourself.

World Of Dragon Nest Gameplay Highlights:

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