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One More Day, World of Dragon Nest Will Be Released!

Now, just one more day to release World of Dragon Nest in five regions simultaneously! Pre-registration will remain open until release. You can get items worth USD50 by Pre-Registration! World of Dragon Nest is an open world MMORPG mobile game from Eyedentity Games, published by Nexon. This mobile game will be released in countries in the Southeast Asian region which include Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

The release of World of Dragon Nest is the first Open World MMORPG for IP Dragon Nest. Pre-registration has started since December 2019. Now, the official release will take place on January 8th 2020!

Features in-game World of Dragon Nest

Open World

world of dragon nest open world

For fans of Action MMORPG. Explore the vast world of Open World and face a formidable Boss. Take your strongest weapon and start your story together in World of Dragon Nest!

4 Classes that are already known + 1 New Class ‘Slayer’

world class of dragon nest

Create characters freely and select the desired gender in the MMORPG World of Dragon Nest! There are 4 known character classes and a new class, ‘Slayer‘. A new class that has never existed at IP Dragon Nest before.

Change Weapon System & Chain Skill

The world of dragon Nest chain skill

The ‘Change Weapon‘ system allows the player to change the main weapon directly, especially when the player is in a fierce battle! Create unlimited combos with the ‘Chain Skill‘ system creatively then change and use successive skills, up to 17 skills.

PvP mode

World of dragon Nest PvP mode
  • Single PvP: 1vs1 Real-time battle, fight in the arena to win!
  • PvP Team: Team fight, each team consists of 4 players.
  • Get ready to feel the exciting battles in the Free for All system, where 8 people can take part in the battle.
  • 200 players can join the battle simultaneously in Siege War!

Are you ready? The most exciting PvP in this MMORPG Action.

Life system

life system world of dragon nest

Live life in this very complete Open World Action MMORPG, fishing, farming, mining, pet, mount or even relaxing in a spa, to create a fun community in the World of Dragon Nest (WOD).

World of Dragon Nest Story

The story in World of Dragon Nest (WOD) begins when Goddess Althea created a harmonious and peaceful world and was praised by Demodeus. However, Goddess Vestinel became jealous of Althea. She poisoned the Goddess Althea and fled to the mysterious land. Goddess Althea, who had been poisoned, fell ill and then slept for a long time. And the world of Althea was born from the dream of the Goddess.

Vestinel created Beyond Dragon and sent it to the world of Althea to destroy it. Ancient Dragon and Chaos Dragon who are the guardians of the world fight against Beyond Dragon to protect this world and successfully eliminate the evil dragon. Chaos Dragon has turned evil and Ancient Dragon has used up all of his strength. Ancient Dragon and Chaos Dragon have died. Aura crystal which is the source of strength has been destroyed and spread throughout the world. Time flies. The shards of crystal aura from Chaos Dragon that turned evil have regenerated the Black Dragon Karas. Humans certainly can not fight it.

Geraint and Argenta, who were born from the power of Ancient Dragon turned into humans and gathered strength from all races to protect this world. Geraint and his friend who is usually called the Six Heroes went to the valley where the dragon Karas lived.

Even so, Black Dragon is not an enemy that can be fought by humans. Geraint left his human body and returned to the form of a dragon to fight Karas.

Although Velskud was surprised that it turned out that the actual form of Geraint was a dragon. And what caught his eye was the crystal from Black Dragon. Velskud left Geraint, who was unconscious and stole the Black Dragon crystal. As a result of Velskud’s greed and betrayal has brought disaster to the world of Althea.


If you are interested in this mobile game, you must pre-register HERE, and wait for this game to be released tomorrow!.

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