Yo-Kai Watch Mobile Game Has Officially Released By Level-5

It’s been almost 6 years for Yo-Kai Watch which is now finally able to release the mobile version of the game. This mobile game project was first announced in 2016, finally this mobile game was officially released. Level-5 is a developer who has succeeded in bringing this game console project into mobile devices.

However, even though this information is good news, there is still some bad news. Yo-Kai Watch Mobile has only been released for the Japanese region, and for the global version there is still no further information. However, the developer had said that this mobile game was a success in Japan, so the release of the global version was just a matter of time.

For the Japanese version, players can play this mobile game by buying it for 1,220 Yen or around $10. This mobile game is included in the paid game because the port it uses is exactly the same as the console version. Bringing it back into mobile devices and making it free is definitely an inappropriate step for the developer.

yo-kai watch mobile game

In terms of gameplay, this game is a JRPG that presents a typical Japanese ghost named Yokai. In this game, the main character named Nathan “Nate” Adams has the ability to see the Yokai. Nate finally uses the power of the Yokai to maintain the order of mankind.

When playing this game, players will maintain the order of mankind with good Yokai. However, there are also evil Yokai that players must defeat because they will do evil. The gameplay in this game can be said to be simple and uncomplicated, because the simplicity of this game is suitable for spending free time.

Players should also know that this game is an adaptation based on a highly popular anime. There are many game adaptations taken from this anime. Some of the players may already know the storyline of this game because it takes the original story the same as the anime version.

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