Yulgang Global Playtoearn MMORPG mobile game

Yulgang Global announced, will be a mobile game MMORPG Playtoearn!

Tigon Mobile is a Korean studio that owns the global rights to any mobile version related to Yulgang, and yesterday they announced Yulgang Global (KR) which is a Martialarts Playtoearn MMORPG game for the Mobile platform and uses the Blockchain – WEMIX system in it.

This Yulgang Global game is touted as the first Yulgang game to have the Playtoearn feature, although it is not informed in detail how the system works in it that can make players get coffers of money.

Yulgang Global Playtoearn MMORPG mobile game

And also there is no further information about Gameplay or anything showing screenshots of the actual game, but we hope this game becomes a good Playtoearn in the future.

Tigon Mobile is actually a subsidiary of Longtu Korea after it was purchased in 2016. It is also not stated whether Yulgang Global will be released globally at the same time or not. So stay tuned for more information!

Source: Tigon Mobile Teaser


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