Zio and the Magic Scrolls starts pre-registration on Googleplay & Appstore

Super Planet is a Developer and publisher of mobile games that adapts the popular webcomic, Naver webtoon, into the mobile game Idle-RPGZio and the Magic Scrolls. This idle game is different from other AFK games by adding Magic Scrolls to 5vs5 battles. Players can use Magic Scrolls as a special option during battle, which will make the game full of strategy.

Not only that, in this game there is also a hidden story of the main character, Zio, and the land of Aerok, which will be revealed over time. The combat graphics in this game are simple and beautiful, which can only be seen in the Zio and the Magic Scrolls game.

Zio and the Magic Scrolls pre-registration is currently available on Googleplay and Appstore globally, and the game will also be available in 13 languages, allowing more players to explore this incredible fantasy world.

pra registrasi Zio and the Magic Scrolls apk pre register now gameplay idle rpg

3 important features in the Zio and the Magic Scrolls Idle-RPG game:

1. Magic Scrolls feature

Scrolls are divided into four sections, which are very powerful special moves, but require great strategy to use them to ensure player victory.

2. Create the ultimate team

Forming a strong team is quite easy. The characters in this game are divided into three classes, namely Gods, Humans, and Demons. In addition, the characters will have their own Roles.

3. All characters are important

In Zio and the Magic Scrolls only 5 characters are used to fight out of 27 available characters, therefore this game has a Support character function . By placing 5 people who are not participating in the battle as Support, players can use as many heroes as possible and gain additional combat power, making all characters important. In addition, some characters have a ‘Connection’ Buff feature , depending on the relationship between characters which will provide additional power.

Pre-registration CLICK HERE


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