Rotor Riot Apple controller apple iphone ipad

Apple’s Rotor Riot game controller for sale, for iPhone and iPad

The gadget company from the United States, namely Apple, is now starting to sell game controllers. Game controllers sold by Apple are game controllers specifically made for the iPhone and iPad.

According to MacRumors, this iPhone and iPad game controller is sold by Apple on the official Apple Store Online site. The sale of game controllers at the Apple Store Online is not the first. Previously, Apple also sold the PS5 DualSense game controller last May.

Now after almost 6 months have passed, Apple is back selling iPhone and iPad game controllers in the Apple Store Online. Currently, the game controllers built specifically for the iPhone and iPad that Apple sells are the Rotor Riot controllers.

Rotor Riot is a game controller that uses a Lightning Cable as a connection to the iPhone or iPad. With the use of Lightning Cable, the Rotor Riot is able to provide a Low Latency connection.

Rotor Riot Apple controller apple iphone ipad

Not only that, the Lightning Cable on the Riot Rotor controller also functions as a charging device because the Rotor Riot’s main power utilizes a connected device, iPhone or iPad.

In the sales package, the Rotor Riot also includes a device holder, the Zero Gravity Device Holder. This device stand is likely compatible with iPhone 6 smartphones or newer.

This Rotor Riot game controller has a similar appearance to a typical console game controller. It has A/B/X/Y buttons, analog left and right, analog L2 and R2, L3 and R3, and so on.

On the official Apple Store Online siteApple retails the Rotor Riot game controller for USD 49.99. If you are interested in buying, you can visit the official Apple Store Online website.

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