Arcane (League of Legends) Animated Series Air On November 7, 2021

Riot Games last weekend announced good news for players of the MOBA game League of Legends, or Wild Rift. Because on September 26 yesterday, Riot Games has officially released the Official Trailer and announced the broadcast schedule for the animated series entitled Arcane which is a film adapted based on League of Legends.

Riot Games announced the official trailer and showtime for the Arcane film on their official Youtube account. Arcane is an animated series produced by Riot Games in collaboration with Netflix. This animated series will have characters, stories and worlds within the League of Legends universe.

But despite the adaptation, Arcane still has a unique and exciting original story for players to watch. In addition, Arcane is the first animated series presented by Riot Games.

Arcane League of Legends

Based on the announcement, Arcane will air on November 7, 2021. Players can watch the excitement of the Arcane story on Netflix. In addition, Arcane will also be broadcast on China’s Tencent Video.

Arcane has a place setting in the world of Runeterra for a more real impression, because this animation is adapted from League of Legends which has a world in this game called Runeterra.

Christian Linke as Co-Creator said that Arcane will invite the audience to explore ideas about what the audience will do for the sake of the family. Christian also said that Arcane will present dynamic conflicts between characters.

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