Bluestacks X emulator cloud gaming

Bluestacks X Now Comes For Cloud Gaming Experience

Playing mobile games using an emulator on a PC is definitely a pleasure for some players. With a bigger screen and more controls, it makes the gaming experience even more enjoyable. However, playing android games with an emulator requires a fairly high PC device specification.

Bluestacks X is now here to solve this problem, Bluestacks X is an innovation from an emulator that is very well known by players. This latest emulator does not require high PC specifications, because now players can play android games with Bluestacks X in the browser.

With technology currently growing and entering the era of Cloud Gaming, it seems that this is not something that comes as a surprise to players. Because now there are many Cloud Gaming services available, it is time for developers to determine profitable steps and make the latest innovations to create a better playing experience for players.

Bluestacks X is currently the answer for players who have a PC or Laptop with low specifications or potatoes. Based on the official Bluestacks X website, players can directly play android games without the need for any installation.

Bluestacks X emulator cloud gaming

When visiting the site, players will be presented with a list of available mobile games that players can play immediately, of course, by entering an account first. In a very easy way like this, players can start playing their favorite games anywhere and anytime.

Not only that, Bluestacks X which is a cloud gaming service can be used on any operating system. Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Raspberry Pi, and even smart TV users can use the emulator with this latest feature.

With the convenience offered, players don’t even need high PC specifications like conventional devices. This is the main attraction, especially for players who want to try the sensation of Cloud Gaming.

Although currently the available games are still limited, it is likely that later the developer will add to the list of mobile games that can be played. Currently, there are 200 games provided by Bluestacks X for players to try playing now. One of them is ROX  which is likely to be the favorite game that players will play on Bluestacks X.

What do you think? With the popularity of Cloud Gaming services available today, will this be a new era in gaming? But the problem at this time is certainly none other than the internet connection used by the player must be stable and with a good speed.

Bluestacks X official site


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