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Because of Corona Virus, Mobile Game Plague Inc. Become Popular

Plague Inc. is a mobile strategy game, players must find ways to create and mutate the fictional pathogens they create and then spread them throughout the world. This mobile game was released in 2012, and for the PC version it was released in 2015. The popularity of this mobile game suddenly rose after the Corona virus that occurred in Wuhan, China.

According to BBC sources , Plague Inc. has achieved a rapid increase in downloads, especially in the Chinese region since January 22nd, exactly where the Corona virus began to be discussed there. Some played the mobile game because the topic was the same as the hottest news that was happening, some played it to learn how the simulation spread of a virus, and not infrequently the players also played it as a joke to calm themselves from the panic situation in the world today.

Plague Inc. corona virus

James Vaughan as the creator of the game, has become the target of the media when the mobile game suddenly went viral. Vaughan can only advise against viewing his mobile game as an appropriate representation of science and epidemics. Voughan is also worried that the Corona virus will continue to spread, not only in China but also outside the country.

“Plague Inc. was released 8 years ago and every time there is an extraordinary event involving a disease, we see an increase in the number of players, players want to know more about how a disease can spread and understand the complexity of a viral outbreak.

We specifically design games as realistic and informative as possible, without wanting to be a sensation of serious issues in the real world. Plague Inc. is well known by the CDC and other well-known health organizations throughout the world.

However, always remember that Plague Inc. just a game, not a scientific model and Corona virus is a very real situation and has an impact on many people. We always recommend players to get information directly from local and global health agencies.”

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