Epic Games vs Apple, Fortnite Canceled On AppStore

Just announced, there’s been a bit of ominous information about the global gaming industry. Not long ago there was news saying that Apple rejected Epic Games’ request to re-release Fortnite on the AppStore.

Apple also refused to return the Epic Games developer account so they will not be able to release the game Fortnite on the AppStore. The conflict between Epic Games and Apple is currently still ongoing even though the court has announced its verdict.

After the verdict was read, Epic Games appealed and asked Apple to re-release Fortnite on the AppStore. The California Federal Court has read out a ruling regarding the conflict between Epic Games and Apple in early September 2021.

The ruling rejects all of Epic Games’ demands against Apple. Not only that, the Court required Epic Games to pay USD 3.6 Million to Apple for its actions that enforce third party payments outside the application.

In addition, the California Federal Court ruled that the state government was required to enact regulations to prevent the AppStore from pursuing an anti-competitive business model. Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers as a California Federal Court Judge also stated that Apple’s decision to terminate the Epic Games developer account in August 2020 was a legal action.

epic games vs apple fortnite unreleased on appstore

Rogers also said that the act of deleting the account was not an unlawful act and Apple had the right to carry out its policies on the AppStore platform. Not only that, Rogers also frees Apple to choose whether to accept Fortnite and Epic Games back on the AppStore or not.

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