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Gamer Make Friends With Ghosts And Can See Another World

Hello, my name is Fajar M. Yusuf on school and college data, and Fajar Muhamad Yusuf on identity card. And for real life, actually my name is Fajar Yusuf.Why do I explain my name like that? because it will later have something to do with the horror or mystical stories that I guarantee, yep for those of you who are timid I hope not to continue reading this article to the end, even though some of the other creatures / ghost that I see are not scary.Ok we just start the story…..

See Witch Grandfather

Maybe this story began when I met an old grandfather. Initially at that time I was only about 7 years old, at that time there were my twin siblings from Bandung who were my age, Nadia and Nidia. The three of us began to get along with each other, then starting when we were playing the chase, I vaguely remember the incident at that time Nadia and Nidia ran away first and I tried to search and chase, but I could not find them, finally I searched all the way to the house, besides my house is still garden and so many cassava trees that are attached so it’s already like a forest for small children.