genshin impact x razer gaming chair and mouse

Genshin Impact x Razer, Presents Gaming Chair and Gaming Mouse

MiHoYo this October celebrates the first anniversary of Genshin Impact as one of themost successful mobile action-RPG games in the world. Razer as a manufacturer of gaming hardware and accessories also celebrated the Genshin Impact anniversary event by collaborating, and producing new gaming products themed Genshin Impact.

Yep, now Razer has announced a Paimon Genshin Impact- themed chair, mousepad and gaming mouse . For information for players who don’t know, Paimon is a traveler guide figure (the player’s nickname in the game Genshin Impact) in Tevyat (the world of Genshin Impact).

This Genshin Impact-themed Razer gaming chair and gaming mouse is based on a previously released model. Razer added a skin to the Razer  Iskur X gaming chair with Paimon-themed colors, patterns, and emblems. In addition to the chair, the Genshin Impact gaming mouse is based on the Razer Deathadder V2 Pro model.

The Razer Genshin Impact themed gaming chair has a navy blue color combined with a distinctive yellow color with the colors in the Genshin Impact game. On the back, there is a large Paimon logo and writing, which strongly indicates this is a Genshin Impact x Razer gaming chair.

genshin impact x razer gaming chair and mouse

In addition, on the side of the seat there is a unique yellow pattern. Then, the Razer Genshin Impact-themed gaming mouse has a uniform color with the Genshin Impact gaming chair, which is navy blue.

Razer installed a logo and star pattern that is very identical to the game Genshin Impact. This gaming mouse is equipped with a mousepad with an image of Paimon, the Genshin Impact logo, and the Razer logo.

This Razer gaming chair and gaming mouse is the result of the Razer x Genshin Impact collaboration. If players buy a Genshin Impact-themed Razer gaming mouse, players will get a bonus of 200 primogems and 80,000 Mora. In addition, Razer also offers a bonus of 500 primogems, 20 Hero’s Wit, and 100,000 Mora for players who buy the gaming chair.

However, at this time there is still no definite information about the price and release schedule of this Genshin Impact-themed gaming chair, gaming mouse, and mousepad, but if we look at the Razer Iskur X Gaming Chair, the price of this Genshin Impact gaming chair is probably around $500.


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