Google intends to buy Epic Games, to reduce competition

Google’s desire to buy Epic Games is now headed for law. It seems that Google is aiming to reduce GooglePlay’s competition with other mobile game markets.
“Google’s ongoing monopoly is the result of Google’s efforts to achieve and sustain existence”Epic Games via One Esports
Epic Games also said that Google wants to strengthen its monopoly on the mobile game market by using its power and money to persuade other mobile game markets.The company from the battle-royale game Fortnite also said that Google was considering buying some or all of EpicGames. But the details of the problems of these two big companies are still kept secret.
Epic games vs google apple fortnite
Tim Sweeney as CEO of Epic Games also explained that they were not aware of Google’s plans to buy Epic Games.Epic Games reported that the GooglePlay manager said that for players who download Fortnite on the Android platform without GooglePlay, a notification will usually appear in the form of a security warning, which is one of the annoying things.
“A manager contacted the Founding Vice President of Epic Games to discuss the direct download of the Fortnite game”Epic Games
Google has also admitted that they have seen Fortnite download statistics that did not meet their expectations. Not only that, Google’s managers also said that they were worried if the Fortnite download process did not follow the procedure.

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