Jung HoYeon Is Now the Most Followed Korean Actress on Instagram

Thanks to the success of Squid Game on Netflix, some of the actors who starred in the thriller series are seeing their Instagram followers increase every day, especially Jung Ho Yeon—a very talented Korean actress and model.

Jung Ho Yeon who portrayed Sae Byeok in Squid Game was in shock because her Instagram followers grew rapidly, from 400,000 to 13.1 million in less than three weeks.

Before Squid Game premiered on Netflix, the 27-year-old actress had only 400,000 followers on Instagram, and modeled for several well-known fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Prabal Gurung, Chanel, and Roberto Cavalli.

And now Jung Ho Yeon is the Korean actress who has the most Instagram followers, beating other popular k-drama actresses, namely Lee Sung Kyung and Song Hye-kyo.

In an interview with Herald Pop, Jung Ho Yeon discussed the significant changes in her Instagram followers .

“When I opened the app once, the number went up, and when I opened it again, it went up further. I thought that the love for Squid Game was being reflected in numbers, like fate, and I was thankful. Just the fact that so many people around the world are showing their interest puts me in a good mood.”


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