Leak Free Fire (FF) Elite Pass Season 41, Lots of Cool Skins!

In every season, Free Fire (FF) always releases a variety of new content for players. This battle-royale game, developed by Garena, has Elite Pass content which contains various bundles that players can unlock to get various skins as well as attractive prizes for players. Yep, right now, there is a leak of the Elite Pass Free Fire (FF) Season 41 update, which will present a variety of new content with the Prince and Princess of Persia theme and present many skins and weapons for players.

The highlight of the elite pass content is Male skins and Female bundles which can be obtained at badges 225 and 50 respectively. In the Male bundle, players can get clothes with the Prince of Persia theme, which features 4 skins that can be obtained, including Jackets, Pants, Shoes, and Hats that can be obtained by earning 225 badges. In addition, the Female Bundle Theme is Princess of Persia with 5 skins that can be obtained, including Jackets, Pants, Shoes, Hats and Masks which can be obtained by earning 50 Badges.

New Skin Death Box and Surfbox Free Fire (FF)

In this elite pass, there is a Death box skin or loot box skin that players can get. With the shape of Aladdin’s lamp, players can take loot more coolly. Not only that, Free Fire (FF) also presents a new Surfboard with Gold, Blue and Pink colors that look very stunning. Apart from that, there is a bit of animation in the game which makes it look cool to drive. Players can get this Surfboard skin by getting 100 badges in the Elite pass.

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