LOL Wild Rift VS Mobile Legends, Who’s the Best?

MOBA mobile game players already know, that now, Riot as the developer of one of the MOBA PC gamesLeague of Legends is currently developing the mobile version of LOL with the title League of Legends: Wild Rift.

So it is not surprising that a game as popular as League of Legends, which will enter the realm of mobile games, is one of the most awaited mobile games by Moba game players around the world.

Until now, it is known that Mobile Legends has become one of the successful MOBA mobile games. Yep, with similarities in terms of gameplay, the release of the game League of Legends: Wild Rift, of course, will have an impact on the game Mobile Legends.

And a question will arise, which is better between LOL Wild Rifs Vs Mobile Legends?

Minimalist Specifications of the Best Graphic Quality

Lol wild Rift gameplay

It has been ascertained that League of Legends developed by Riot has sufficient HD graphics. But the surprising thing was that at the beginning of the game’s release, Riot had announced that the specifications that must be possessed by the Mobile version of the players were very light.

To be able to play it on Android, the player only needs one smartphone smartphone that has 1GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset processor, accompanied by a 360 Adreno GPU.

Quite different from the Mobile Legends which further enhances the graphics it has. So it does not immediately increase the specifications and performance needed by the game.

In addition, in the next update Mobile Legends 2.0 will also use the engine and updated performance and graphics. Can players with lowend phones still be able to play the game?

Players Are Bored With Old Mobile Moba

Mobile legends have been released since 2016, until now, the MOBA mobile game has been circulating and played by millions of people for more than 3 years. Of course, most people who play the game will feel bored while playing the same game for that long time, and want to find something different.

And it seems Riot is aware of that, and doesn’t follow the trend of the previous few years to make a new MOBA game. But waiting for the hype of the existing MOBA game to get a decrease in popularity, and then just make the MOBA game to attract the attention of gamers who feel bored.

So that at the time of the release of LOL Wild Rift, the hype from the MOBA game will reappear. Moreover, the name of League of Legends which is popularized by well-known developers adds to the popularity of the game as a whole.

LOL Wild Rift Items and Skins Are Cheaper

Skin price lol

One skin on Mobile legends of skin epic and legends will cost more than hundreds of dollars. Whereas League of Legends: Wild Rift for the most expensive type of skin is Ultimate skins which is equivalent to mobile legends skin legends for only $25 USD. Yep, of course, League of Legends: Wild Rift seems cheaper.

Amazingly all League of Legends Mobile heroes can be used free of charge, compared to Mobile Legends heroes that must be purchased before they can be used by players.

Yep, read a few things above, how do you think related to the release of League of Legends: Wild Rift. Will the League of Legends Mobile rival or actually defeat the popularity of Mobile Legends?

LOL / League of Legends Trailer Gameplay
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