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Man Dressed as Joker Injures 17 People in Tokyo Train Attack

A man was arrested for committing a crime on a Tokyo commuter train on Halloween night, Sunday (10/31/2021). He injured 17 passengers, one of whom was a man in his 70s who is now in critical condition from a stab to the chest.

Based on the reports of several witnesses, the man named Kyota Hattori wore a costume that closely resembled The Joker’s character—a green shirt, blue suit, and purple coat. He also lit a fire, and the smoke filled the carriage.

Penumpang kereta Keoi Line Tokyo
Passengers on the Keoi Line train in Tokyo, Japan, try to save themselves (

In a video posted on Twitter, passengers on the commuter train can be seen running for safety and trying to get out of the window.

The heinous act by Kyota Hattori made people in Japan afraid.

“I was scared to get on the train. I usually listen to music with earphones while commuting, but I didn’t today,” said a Japanese resident after this incident.

According to Kyodo News, Hattori told police that he adores the psychopathic character The Joker, and since last June he wanted to commit a crime. Hattori also said that he regretted that no one was killed in this cruel act.

Kyoto Hattori, pelaku kejahatan malam Halloween Tokyo
Kyota Hattori, the criminal in the Joker costume on the Tokyo commuter train (

Two hours before the action, Kyota Hattori visited Tokyo’s Shibuya District, a gathering place for costume wearers to celebrate Halloween. And after that, he started his action on the Keoi Line train to Shinjuku.

Hattori also reveals that he had failed at his job and had troubles in relationships with his friends.


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