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Nearby Share Android New Advanced Feature For Sending Data

Surely we as Android users have never had any complaints related to the features that the Android OS has so far. However, one of the features that Android users might get from iPhone users, is the Airdrops feature, which is a useful feature for sending data easily. But did you know Nearby Share android’s new feature ?

Now finally, the android developers announced that they will be releasing a new feature called Nearby Share which has many of the same features as the iOS Airdrops feature.

Indeed, Android users can use messenger applications such as WhatsApp, or third-party applications such as ShareIt and MiDrop to send various data or other applications that can be used to send files and apps. However, this is quite inconvenient for users because they have to setup data in the 3rd party application.

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With the Android Nearby Share feature, users only need to find the file that they want to send, pressing the pin in the top right corner to share the file, then pressing Nearby Share. Not only that, this feature will be implemented in Android version 6.0 in the future, so that users no longer need to download third-party applications on GooglePlay.

Nearby Share can also be used online or offline by using Wifi Direct, or Bluetooth depending on the features possessed by the device owned by the recipient and the user of the feature. This feature will be available for free!


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