Niantic announces they will build their Metaverse with Augmented Reality

Previously, it was announced that Niantic was indeed developing the Metaverse technology, but in a ‘different’ way. Unlike Facebook ‘Meta’, Niantic spent a lot of money to make the Metaverse more like the real world.

When this article was published, Niantic had spent a large amount of money, already USD 9 Trillion to realize this ambitious Metaverse plan. And recently has added funds of USD 300 Billion.

John Hanke as Founder and CEO of Niantic, said that the Metaverse concept is something bad. John thinks that the metaverse that forces us to use Virtual Reality Headsets like in the movie ‘Ready Player One’ is something bad.

Niantic METAVERSE augemented reality

Niantic wants to create a different concept, players only need to use Augmented Reality technology. Niantic is serious about realizing their version of the metaverse with the recent release of the Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit.

Lightship Augmented Reality Developer Kit is a special tool for developing Augmented Reality-based games that you can use for free.

To realize its ambitious Metaverse plan, Niantic has collaborated with many companies, including Coachella, Historic Royal Palaces, and Warner Music Group.

In their Metaverse, Niantic will take advantage of Smartphones. One of them is to take advantage of the Augmented Reality feature which is much more affordable than Virtual Reality Headsets.

Not only that, of course Augmented Reality technology can indeed motivate the current generation to enjoy the surrounding environment only with smartphones.


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