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Most Watch, But PewDiePie Don’t Know Free Fire

One of the most famous gaming YouTubers in the world with the most subscribers, PewDiePie, last week made a video reactions about the YouTube Rewind 2019.The YouTube Rewind 2019 video has indeed received a variety of comments from the YouTube community and YouTuber world, and is rated as disappointing as the YouTube Rewind 2018.But there is something unique about YouTuber’s video reactions with the number 2 most subscribers in the world, PewDiePie commented on the game scene with the most viewers in 2019.At the start of the scene, PewDiePie looked normal when Roblox who ranked 5th gained an audience of 29.6 billion times.However, when it was ranked 4th, the Free Fire mobile game, PewDiePie’s reaction was shocked, because Free Fire had been watched 29.9 billion times. “What game is this? I don’t know about Gerana Free Fire. Have 30 billion viewers, this game is like a clone Fortnite and PUBG, even the number of viewers is almost the same as GTA ” PewDiePie reaction with a high tone.
PewDiePie Don't Know Free Fire
Not only watched by 29.9 billion times in 2019, Free Fire also has successfully surpassed PUBG Mobile in the ranking of the most downloaded mobile games on Android and iOS devices.This proves that Free Fire can no longer be underestimated, but must be considered a dangerous competitor by other Battle Royale games!
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