Play Squid Game on Mobile with Roblox

One of the most popular series currently on Netflix is Squid Game from South Korea. Now the experience of playing the Squid Game can be felt by mobile game players, because currently Squid Games are appearing in the battle-royale game Roblox.

Squid Game premiered and released on September 17 and quickly became one of the most talked about series on Netflix, becoming the first South Korean television series to reach the number 1 spot on Netflix’s Top 10.

This popularity seems to span across the media, as it’s only in the last few days that fan-made games based on the same deadly challenges as those seen in Squid Game have started popping up all over Roblox. There are already various Squid Game remakes on Roblox in the “Popular” section of the site. You can see it HERE.

Squid Game Handphone Roblox mobile game

Roblox’s Squid Game remakes are sometimes listed under different names like Fish Game or Hexa Game but the game content, costumes and challenges are very much the same as the Squid Game from the Netflix series.

Squid Game has 9 episodes of thriller genre and starring South Korean actors, this series tells the story of people in need of money who gather on a desert island to play a deadly children’s game for a chance to win huge cash prizes and to… out of poverty.

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