Pokemon TCG x Pokemon GO expansion pack

Pokemon TCG x Pokemon GO expansion pack is coming soon

This time there is interesting new information to announce, since a few months ago, there was information about Pokemon TCG Live being developed, and now the collaboration between Pokémon Trading Card Game x Pokémon GO will be released soon!

The Pokemon TCG x Pokemon GO expansion boost pack will feature a variety of cards themed for the popular mobile AR game Pokemon GO in the form of collectible cards.

The collaboration is said to be a “holiday” set for 2022 this year. Each booster pack will contain 6 cards in Japan and 10 cards in America, which means this collectible card is quite rare.

So stay tuned for more updates on Pokemon TCG x Pokemon GO!

Pokémon TCG x Pokémon GO Expansion Teaser Trailer 📍 🗺️


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