PUBG Animation Project, Krafton Collaborates With Adi Shankar

The battle-royale game PUBG is a game developed by Krafton which is currently available on PC and Mobile. Currently, PUBG has three versions of the game, namely PUBG (PC), PUBG Mobile, and PUBG: New State which is currently still in beta phase and will be released in 2021. And now the latest news about the PUBG Animation Project!

A few days ago it was reported that PUBG would be adapted into an animated series that would be worked on by the Executive Producer of the Castlevania series, namely Adi Shankar.

Krafton announced a few days ago that it had met with Adi Shankar to collaborate on a PUBG animation project. With Castlevania, Shankar is known as The Gray starring Liam Neeson, Killing Them Softly with Brad Pitt, and many other Hollywood films.

Pubg animation project animation

“As a player, I have been playing competitions on Battlegrounds since PUBG was released in 2017, I thank Krafton for the trust and confidence they have placed in me to execute my vision as a filmmaker and I am excited to start this journey together. To me, this animation project represents another step in the evolution of repairing the burnt bridge between the game industry and Hollywood. I wish I could reveal to everyone what a winner chicken dinner was like.”

Adi Shaknar

This animation project is just the latest expansion outside of gaming, as the previous PUBG Universe has also expanded with the latest update to their first live-action short film, Ground Zero, starring Don Lee. Not only that, there’s also a “docu-series” investigation starring Jonathan Frakes called Mysteries Unknown: Birth of the Battlegrounds, which players can watch below.

With over 55 million daily players across all platforms, PUBG has now sold over 70 million apps on PC and consoles and received over a billion downloads on mobile. Before this PUBG animation, it turns out that DOTA 2 has also released an animated series with the title Dota: Dragon’s Blood. Let’s wait for what the animated series from PUBG will look like, which will definitely be interesting for players!

PUBG - Mysteries Unknown: Birth of the Battlegrounds

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