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PUBG Mobile Permanently Banned 2.2 Million Accounts and 1.4 Devices

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games and has a competitive scene that is evenly distributed throughout the world, PUBG Mobile currently still has problems like other mobile games. The problem is the cheaters who try to attack the game. The various kinds of cheats detected in this mobile game are quite surprising. The existence of Auto Aim cheats, Speed ​​Hack, to X-Ray Visions. This was informed by Tencent via the PUBG Mobile Twitter account. So that PUBG Mobile must be permanently banned.

They said that on a scale of 100% of these cheaters, 12% used Speed ​​hack, 27% used Auto Aim, 32% used X-Ray Vision, and 22% used various other cheats. Not only that, they also informed that they had banned 2.2 million accounts and 1.4 million devices permanently. Certainly this policy is to create a deterrent effect on cheaters.

fajaryusuf.com PUBG Mobile Permanently Banned a

As players already know, PUBG Mobile in the future will carry out a New Era update soon in September 2020. Of course they want to provide a better playing experience for players. Apart from that PUBG Mobile also has an exclusive map called Livik. Players can directly meet each other in this exclusive and minimalist map.

Hopefully with a permanent security banned policy In this competitive game, PUBG Mobile will be even more successful in the future!

Source: PUBG Mobile Twitter


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