Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve Released For Mobile Players

Recently, Razer has announced a new product for mobile game players and this is the Razer Gaming Finger SleeveThe finger guard costs $9.99 USD at Razer stores.

If players have read Fajaryusufdotcom so far, players will know that Fajaryusufdotcom usually doesn’t write about supporting hardware or accessories, but this Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve  is very interesting.

According to the description on the official website, the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve is used to protect players’ fingers from the heat generated by mobile devices, especially after playing a very long game. These accessories will also help players increase sensitivity and reduce friction so that players can perform maximum accuracy in mobile games.

Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve

On the other hand, the benefits of using the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve are if players like competitive games such as MOBA or Battle Royale that require players to react quickly and accurately. Players can even use this tool to protect fingers from heat when playing mobile games with high graphics. This is very useful if the player is trying to increase the player’s Rank in any mobile game being played.

However, it seems like a hassle to put on, take off, and store the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve. This tool certainly requires a player’s effort to store and use it, most players probably won’t wear it during a casual game session for example when spending time outdoors.

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