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Razer Collaborates With Visa To Make 3 Razer Card Products

Razer is very popular among players with a variety of eyecatchy gaming hardware and accessories, such as mice, headsets, laptops, and various other hardware. Now they have entered the world of economy by releasing a prepaid credit card called the Razer Card.

Razer partnered with Visa to make Razer Card products and offers three different versions of the Card:

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  • Virtual Card will allow users to pay for various things using a smartphone.
  • Standard cards are black cards with the theme of general aesthetics of game accessories.
  • Premium Card which is the mainstay card and has the most quirky things from Razer products. An NFC card that is equipped with a green LED light that will light up every time the user pays with the Premium card.

However, this Card has not been officially released yet, they are still conducting beta testing first, and people who take this beta test will get 10% cashback every time they buy an item from Razer. In addition, users will get SGD 2,000 worth of gaming equipment and only 1773 people will be selected to be part of the beta test from Singapore.

Razer fans will get more big announcements from the company. The RazerCon digital event will take place on Saturday, October 10, 2020, and at that event Razer is expected to reveal more hardware and accessories that they will release. Not only that, RazerCon will also feature some exclusive footage for several upcoming games, including the turn-based strategy game Torchlight 3.

Source: Gamerant


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