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Alibaba’s Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition on the Top Chart

Previously there was no announcement that Alibaba would enter the gaming industry, finally one of the giants in the e-commerce from China enlivened the competition in the mobile game industry. This is demonstrated by the release of a mobile game titled Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition.

Based on the data that FajarYusufDotCom got from the Sensor Tower Website, although for the time being this mobile game is only available in China, the Three Kingdoms story game has succeeded in occupying the sixth position on the mobile game revenue chart, which is the list of mobile games with the biggest revenue in the world, and managed to shift the position of Pokemon Go and also Fate/Grand Order.

fajaryusuf.com top chart of the tower sensor mobile game

Alibaba is collaborating with Ejoy Studio to develop this strategy game. The success of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms game is due to Jack Ma’s company succeeding in presenting a new strategy game, fresh, and able to simulate a battle faster than other Real Time Strategy (RTS) games. Of course, with the entry of Alibaba in the mobile game industry, competition will increasingly heat up. Because previously there had been Tencent and NetEase which in recent years have dominated the mobile game market.

With the success of the game Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition, we can be sure that Alibaba will also release the game outside of China, which is global. It is interesting to see, is Alibaba able to compete in the mobile gaming industry which is currently crowded, so what new games will be released?

Publisher: Alibaba

Source: Sensor Tower

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