summoners war chronicle

Summoners War: Chronicle, New MMORPG Mobile Game

First announced in 2017, Com2uS is ready to release its newest mobile game based on the IP Summoners War adaptation, which is called the Summoners War: Chronicle. This mobile game is scheduled to be released in mid-2020.Summoners War: Chronicle is a real-time MMORPG mobile game based on events 70 years before Summoners War: Sky Arena.
It looks like there will be 3 characters that players can choose to play with. During battles your character can summon up to 3 monsters to help you in battle. When fighting the atmosphere will definitely be crowded when everyone is crowding to defeat the World boss.Summoners War: Chronicle is planned for release in mid-2020 and Com2uS is actively recruiting talents to participate in this project. So let’s wait for this Summoners War MMORPG game!

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