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Chess Rush: Tips And Trick How To Counter Sorcerer Combo

The strategy in Chess Rush, using the right Combo Hero, Combo Race, Combo Class is the key to victory. You can use combos from several Races and Classes to take advantage of the buff effect obtained from the combo results. Combo Class is very strong at this time is Combo Sorcerer, this combo is usually the choice of many players. a group of heroes […]

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Here Are 5 Tips & Tricks GG To Play Chess Rush

Since its appearance in 2019, the auto-battler genre has managed to be a concern for mobile gamers. One game that presents the excitement of this genre is Chess Rush. It’s not hard for this game to enter esports with the feeling of competition for players. In this article are 5 Tips & Trick GG so […]

Chess Rush: Strategy Tips And Trick Cyborg Gamble

Now in the Chess Rush during round 14 there are already many 3-star heroes, if you want to know how to do it, let’s see the tips, this strategy is usually called “CYBORG GAMBLE“. How to use this strategy allows the cyborg combo player to maximize the function of the cyborg synergi itself called the […]

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Chess Rush: Combo Strategy 2 New Hero Gluttony & Stinger

Chess Rush recently released Season 1 and also presents 2 new heroes undead race Gluttony & Stinger . This time FajarYusuf.Com will provide tips, strategies, lineups and new combos for the 2 newest Heroes Gluttony (Undead & Warrior) and Stinger (Undead, Assassin). Please use strong Warrior and Assassin heroes to create the following combos: Composition […]