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Most Watch, But PewDiePie Don’t Know Free Fire

One of the most famous gaming YouTubers in the world with the most subscribers, PewDiePie, last week made a video reactions about the YouTube Rewind 2019. The YouTube Rewind 2019 video has indeed received a variety of comments from the YouTube community and YouTuber world, and is rated as disappointing as the YouTube Rewind 2018. […]

free fire shani

Free Fire Update Halloween Event And New Character Shani

Free Fire is a battle royale mobile game that uses character selection in-game, thus Free Fire continues to release new characters. Now after maintenance on October 18th/2019, Free Fire officially releases a new character named Shani, who is an engineer, this character also has special skill. The skill Abillity that Shani has is titled Gear […]

Elite Pass Season 16 Free Fire Gun Slinger Free!

Finally event Elite Pass Season 16 Free is here, this is a special gift from Garena Free Fire for players who have been loyal for 2 years playing FF. Let’s discuss more about how to get elite pass season 16 under the name Gunslinger for free, because this event is open starting on August 28th. So that there are no mistakes or you […]