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Curious? This is Details Pokemon GO Event January 2020

Time has passed quickly, now it is 2020, which means that the new event on Pokemon Go has started with the January batch! The update notes inform you of the things you hope for in 2020, including: More Team GO Rocket Special ResearchJanuary Research Breakthrough encounter: Lapras with the Ice Shard and Ice Beam skills […]

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Danger! Team Rocket Boss Comes To Pokemon Go!

Through a variety of official social media, Pokemon Go has announced to the players, that Professor Willow found a hidden folder that is suspicious. Of course, this information makes many players curious about the contents of the intended folder. Unexpectedly, it turns out that the folder stores the latest information related to the next update […]

Pokémon Masters Can Be Downloaded For Android & iOS Now!

One of the awaited games, Pokémon Masters can you download and play. Unlike the Pokémon game which was previously released for mobile devices, Pokémon Masters presents an experience like playing the original version of Pokémon which is released exclusively on the Nintendo platform. Pokémon Masters is a collaborative project between Pokémon Company and DeNA , […]