pre register

Let’s Pre-Register The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Now!

Netmarble today released a pre-registration campaign for their new mobile game The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross global version on Google Play and App Store. The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a turn-based mobile RPG game with a mechanical card picking system. The graphics on this mobile game are really pretty and this mobile […]

minimax tinyvverse

MINImax to be released globally, let’s pre-register!

The developer Nimble Neuron has officially announced the pre-registration event for their new mobile game which will soon be released, the game is titled MINImax Tinyverse. This mobile game has opened phase pre-registration on Google Play, and Preorder on the AppStore. Once released, this mobile game will also be available on Steam for Windows and […]

cluck night

Let’s Pre Register New Mobile Game, Cluck Night!

The developer of the mobile game Coconut Island Games recently released a pre-registration event for their new mobile game, yep this game is titled Cluck Night, which is currently entering pre-registration on the Google Play Store. Cluck Night is a mobile game with asymmetric 4v1 action gameplay with cartoon style graphics. This mobile game is […]

Counterside Has Opened Pre-Registration Phase

Nexon has officially announced that pre-register phase has begun for a new RPG mobile game titled Counterside, for the South Korean region. Developed by Studio Bside, Counter Side is an RPG mobile game that is described as having an “urban fantasy” setting with players who use Anime 2D characters to form teams. The story in […]

black clover phantom knights

Let’s Pre-Register Black Clover: Phantom Knights Now!

Black Clover: Phantom Knights has officially opened the pre-registration phase for the release of the global version! This mobile game has been in Japan since November 2018, and finally the global version will be released soon. As usual with this year’s new mobile game, they have a pre-registration campaign! There is a special Facebook campaign […]

ragnarok tactics pre register

Let’s Join Pre-Registration Ragnarok Tactics Now!

Gravity Game Tech has officially announced the beginning of the pre-registration phase of Ragnarok Tactics to fans who were in Thailand a while ago, and now pre-registration has resumed and applies to all gamers throughout Southeast Asia (SEA). This mobile game was developed by the original Ragnarok Online MMORPG developer, namely Gravity. A new RPG […]

very little nightmare

Horror Game! Very Little Nightmares Open Pre-Registration!

Very Little Nightmares has appeared on Google Play, indicating that the release on Android will be done soon. You can also pre-register now to download it as soon as it’s officially released. Very Little Nightmares will challenge you to be able to escape from houses that are hostile to one another. Very Little Nightmares is […]

iron saga battle mecha

Let’s Pre-Register Iron Saga – Super Robots Warfare World

Gameducky as the developer has announced a pre-registration event for their mobile game that will soon be released under the title Iron Saga — Super Robots Warfare World. Presenting various kinds of humanoid mecha pixels, track simulation, amazing skill effects, and smooth gameplay!. Featuring works by more than 100 famous artists and sound actors including […]