pre register magic mana strike

Magic: ManaStrike Now Begins Pre-Registration

Netmarble today officially announced that pre-registration for Magic: ManaStrike was officially opened. Magic: Mana Strike is the first mobile game developed by Netmarble Monster from the Magic: The Gathering series belongs to Wizards of the Coast. Magic: Mana Strike will be released globally on the AppStore and GooglePlay. Players who pre-register to download Magic: ManaStrike […]

minimax tinyvverse

MINImax to be released globally, let’s pre-register!

The developer Nimble Neuron has officially announced the pre-registration event for their new mobile game which will soon be released, the game is titled MINImax Tinyverse. This mobile game has opened phase pre-registration on Google Play, and Preorder on the AppStore. Once released, this mobile game will also be available on Steam for Windows and […]

Pocket City Update 2 New Features, Policies and Regions

The famous mobile game for city development, yap Pocket City, has received new updates aimed at enhancing the late-game experience by adding two new features in the game. First, feature regions, you can now unlock new areas around the main city to build additional cities. Increasing income in one city will also increase income in all other cities in […]

coc th 13

Clash of Clans Update Town Hall 13 and New Unit Yeti

If you were a mobile gamer at the beginning of the release of Android, then you must be familiar with this one game, yep Clash of Clans. Mobile game development simulation and strategy apparently there are still many players who play it, and recently COC got a new update, which will add content and new […]