Chosen 16 Influencer In PUBGM Star Challenge 2019

The first round of voting fans PUBG MOBILE Star Challenge 2019 ( PMSC 2019 ) has been completed this week. It also mean the start of the event E-Sports innovative mobile choosing Gaming YouTube Creators fan favorite and also professional players PUBG Mobile from all over the world.

PMSC in 2019 will be hosted by VSPN, and has been endorsed by Tencent Games and PUBG Corporation, presented by Google Play , and exclusively aired on the channel YouTube.

Designed in order to obtain maximum interaction with the fans, PMSC in 2019 has features such as in game challenges , fan voting , series of exclusive YouTube videos and the Grand Final for two days in Taipei, with a total prize of 250,000 US Dollars .

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On July 1 – July 7, the loyal fans already cast their vote in order to enter through voting by selecting 16 favorite YouTube Gaming Influencer them to advance to the next round.

16 Influencer PUBGM Star Challenge 2019

In the next step, 16 influencers will be paired with a pro team PUBG MOBILE best from around the world to obtain a PMSC championship throne in 2019, their struggle will be documented in a behind-the-scenes mini-series for six episodes .

From the moment when the team began to unite to achieve success, PMSC in 2019 aims to capture the most exciting moments and give the leading access fans to see their E-Sports hero.

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VSPN will always give the best experience of E-Sports for our fans,” said Danny Tang , co-founder of VSPN , which also regulates the global business VSPN.

We are very excited to collaborate with Google Play and PUBG MOBILE to bring PMSC in summer 2019 as a form of celebration for the gaming influencers and professional players from the community PUBG MOBILE. This is an important history for VSPN while we stretched its wings globally, we will continue to provide E-Sports content fresh and exciting for our fans around the world “.
Source: VSPN

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PUBG MOBILE the most popular mobile games in the world. These games attract millions of players with interesting gameplay features and the number of events that were presented ,” said James Yang , Director of Global E-Sports PUBG MOBILE, Tencent Games .

Our partnership with VSPN already made such an innovative event PMSC implemented in 2019, and we are very pleased to continue to work and bring PUBG MOBILE to a bigger stage in the future“.

PMSC in 2019 is officially being held, with more compelling content to come! Find out more about this tournament in Website Official PMSC in 2019 .

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