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21-8-2019 Chess Rush Update Rebalance Nerf & Buff

Today, 08/21/2019 Tencent in Chess Rush released the Nerf and Buff balancing updates to improve the playing experience of players.

Chess Rush is also working to improve mode Squash Clash, by adding a special AI system that will control teammates if they leave the match.

Also there is a penalty function which will temporarily deny access to this mode if the player leaves the match too often.

rebalance nerf buff chess rush August 21 8

This Is The Detail Rebalancing Nerf And Buff Update

Level 9 Hero Character Chances:

  • Chances for the Legendary Hero are reduced by 0.5%.
  • Chances for Hero Epic increased by 0.5%.


  • Damage changes to 600/900/1200 + 200/300/400 x taking up charging time (in seconds).


  • The ability will last for 3 seconds, every second deals 250/375/500 damage.

(BUFF) Firefur:

  • HP increased to 2200 (previously 1900).
  • Armor increased to 30 (previously 25).

(NERF) Groundsmasher:

  • Damage Ability changes to 400/550/700 (previously 500/700/900).

(NERF) Bionic Ninja:

  • Maximum attack damage changed to 180/360/720 (previously 210/420/840).

(NERF) General Puffer:

  • Armor reduction changed to 50/75/100, approximately +20% / +33% / +43% damage (previously 75/150/225, or approximately +33% / +56% / +56% / +67% damage).

(NERF) Sword Dancer:

  • Mana regen is reduced by 30% when the shield is active.

(NERF) Combo Assassin:

  • Critical chance with 6 Assassins changed to 25% (previously 30%).

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